Lighting is one of the most important elements when making a video. Here are some tips for lighting.
  • Indoors–Fluorescent lighting can be difficult. If there are windows available get as much light from them as possible
    • Do not put subjects to be filmed in front of windows though, they will be nothing but shadows on the tape.
    • Before shooting, determine where the light is coming from (front, side, or back).
    • If backlit, add more light so the front of your subject is lit, or move to another location.
    • Use a bounce card to reflect light on your subject instead of shining it directly on them.
    • If necessary, set your camera mode to match your shooting conditions
    • Avoid bright sunlight (making sure your shadow isn't in the shot).
    • If you're filming inside, turn on all of the lights.

–From 10 Tips for Great Video


Basic Video Lighting Setup